Work with Me

All my sessions and courses are a play of creativity, uniquely envisioned for you, or the group energy. As a Sacred Soul Alchemist, I use a blend of sacred alchemy, soul wisdom and heart light to create a magical resonance that helps you transform and shift into a new vibration.

“Imagine a big canvas: clear, bright and ready to come to life. Nearby are hundreds of pots of glistening, vibrant colours:  luminescent, glittery, radiant. This is your future, waiting for you to dip your brush into the pool of colour and alchemically blend qualities that will paint the vision of what you choose to create as your life. I would love to help you clear your canvas, find your soul gifts that communicate through colour and light, then blend it all together with love to shift the kaleidoscope of your life.

I love the flow that opens when we play with colour and light. To explore my different sessions and courses, use the drop down menu above.  I look forward to creating amazing change with you.

With much joy and love,