What is Resonance?

What does it mean when you resonate with some thing/person/place? It means there is a mutual harmony and an alignment of the sacred essence that buzzes in the cells of everything.
When this is aligned, it gives a complete integrity for that MOMENT. Because we are constantly recreating our cells and raising our own frequency, we will RESONATE with different things at different times.

Think about all the possessions you have had over the years.  Their vibration matched a frequency that you emitted at the time you were attracted to them.  This relates to clothes, furnishings, styles and even colours.

Think about how Colour Affects you

In fact, colour plays an important part in the resonance you are experiencing.  We are all like a rainbow with a myriad of colours combining to form the perfect patterning of our energy.  At any given time, if we are lacking in a certain colour because of an emotional state we are experiencing, we will be attracted to that colour.  The attraction is caused by a desire to bring balance back into the “colour wheel” of our own hologram….. to create a harmonious Resonance.

After you have considered your possessions, expand that vision to look at the people you have resonated with in the past and now.  Very often they mirror energy that we are working through and we need a catalyst for change to make the transformation within.  So we are attracted to the people who will create the stimulus needed to bring about movement into our next spiral of growth.  They may sometimes be positive, sometimes seemingly negative, depending on how clearly you are seeing what needs to be resolved in your life so you can move forward unhindered.

Clutter Clearing

This is why clearing out old clutter is so important.  If you are surrounded with possessions and things that you no longer resonate with, there will be a constant “low noise” distraction that says something is out of integrity.  These “things” will be pulling you back into a vibration that is now discordant with your present state of being.  And there’s no real value in hanging onto to these things, “just in case” they resonate again.  Chances are they won’t.  They held a certain resonance for that time and have now done their job.  So let them go and free your own energy from constant drain.

You can also see this in people you are drawn to…. friends, partners, business associates.  The axiom “A Reason, A Season, A Lifetime” is appropriate here.  People have the gift of consciousness and can transform their vibration at will.   You may find you need to release certain people after a season of connection,  or they may come into your life for a specific purpose or reason.  Meanwhile, you could be  maintaining great relationships with others who continue to evolve at a similar rate.  Therefore the resonance  remains constant.

Your life will flow more easily and you will be clearer about your direction if you check in on Resonance on a daily basis.