What happens when my Good Enough isn’t Good Enough?


What happens when my Good Enough is not Good Enough?This is a question that often pops up when we are looking to try something new;perhaps to birth a new idea, take a new path, start a new life, or just put our creative products out into the world.

Most importantly it is a fear that halts our progress in just giving of our true selves to the world and manifesting our life purpose, whatever that may be.

Whenever we are offering something of ourselves to others, whether to a group or to an individual, if we stop to judge it before it has formed, we lose the spontaneity in which we can give.Our giving is diluted when we judge our actions and criticise them with the misguided view that others will judge us in this way.

Giving from our True Self will involve our smaller self taking a side seat and allowing us to be honest and clear. Our True Self will not be concerned with how the other(s) choose to interpret our gift, but simply with giving with purity so it can be received in purity,

Remember that your Good Enough will always reach the person who feels it is Good Enough for them.More than Good Enough – Perfect in fact.Your giving is fulfilling an asking which calls you to create.

Imagine if you kept your gift inside yourself, waiting for the “right” time to share it… waiting for it to be “perfect”.It could never be birthed.It would be the same as giving birth to an adult rather than a baby.And how painful would that be!

So, start giving of your creative self.Let your “baby” develop to a stage where you can allow it to take root in the world easily and with care.Allow it to be enjoyed, to grow and be nurtured, to respond to its own needs for adapting and changing and to let the world around guide it to align with what is needed.Let it make “mistakes” and correct its purpose, until it has evolved into a clear, unique and true essence.

Our life’s purpose is found in the small moments:In connection, in harmony, in a state of feeling right with things.It is then we get a sense of “aha” and trust that the first small stages of sharing will lead us to the bigger picture.

Even if you have an overall sense of what you want to create or share in its entirety, allow it to be birthed in small stages.Each of these will guide you to shape the future product so that it fits the world around it and fulfils a timely need.

Questions to ask yourself:

What can I do today to share some of my creative vision?(You can do this in small steps without giving away the end result.The goal here is to give movement and action to your idea.)

What beliefs/attitudes are holding me back from sharing?

Are these beliefs true?(Really)Or are they concepts I have learned from others?

What colour can I now breathe into me to inspire and awaken my creativity?(You can then vision that colour flowing through you, taking your inspiration out into the world.)

With love,