Truth vs Mind

Do you follow your truth, or just pay it lip service? How many times has your Intuition said you “I told you so”? Maybe one day we’ll all learn to trust our first complete knowings which are higher awareness speaking first before our mind control catches up. Perhaps, from endless experience, we’ll learn to give our heads a rest and let our wholeness guide us.

Here’s a good exercise to understand your own truth:

Try this Meditation

Sit still and breathe into your heart, focusing on light and colour in your heart centre. Continue with this breath until you feel centred and aligned. Now think of a situation that on your mind…. there’s always something that seems to niggle at you more than others.  Often this will be something you were having difficulty letting go of when you were centring.

Imagine a symbol for this situation in front of you.  Connect to it from your heart with a stream of green and blue light.   Let this healing light fill up the symbol.  Now ask how your wholeness or higher self views this situation.  Allow a higher understanding of  this situation to settle into your heart. Let it envelope your senses and you will have an immediate awareness of what the truth is.

This may differ from what you want!! Or it may differ from what you “think” you should do. But as we all know, if we go against our truth, we’ll have to revisit the situation anyway. Maybe it’s less stressful to follow our truth in the first place:-)

If you try out this meditation, I would love to hear back from you.
with love Belinda