Creating Sacred Space

Recently I’ve noticed an influx of people talking about seeing and experiencing astral spirits who are stuck.  A lot of people have been seeing them even more clearly and hearing them too! Some have just been seeing things out of the corners of their eyes more often and sensing other presences around their homes.

After tuning in, I was shown that the veils between dimensions are becoming very thin.  As a result these entities have become clearer to see and experience.  They exist in the lower astral plane and as the incoming fifth dimensional energies are touching us more strongly,  we can see that which is in between worlds as more of a “reality”. More

Cutting Ties


What happens when you feel you have completed your current journey with another person, and need to move on from that vibration?

It’s time to gently cut ties and  also to look at the Resonance Fields that have been created between you.


Releasing Old Resonance Fields

A Resonance Field is an energy body created by  a meeting of mutually attracted vibrations.  So Resonance occurs when vibrations react to a stimulus which is in Divine Order for them in that MOMENT.  This reaction, which is felt on the other side as well, then creates a Resonance Field.  It captures the essence of the Resonance beamed out from all parties, creating a common tie to each other.  As we have discussed before, this tie can be positive or seemingly negative.  It is there for learning and resolution.


Resonance with People


Resonance with people is interesting…. the mutual harmony that spontaneously occurs may be due to sparks of light within the other which are missing in your own spectrum. Or perhaps there is a resonance with a mutual lesson to be learned… or perhaps they will provide you with the lesson.
There is also the ASTROLOGICAL perspective to consider, where harmonious combined birth charts may now be discordant due to TRANSITS AND PROGRESSIONS. So you may wonder why a long term friend drifts out of your life, or you have periodic feelings of tension without any “real” reason.

These planetary changes will always bring teaching with them, so look for the value in the lesson and see if you can move beyond temporary challenges and EVOLVE to a new uplifted DYNAMIC. If not, then apply the “REASON, SEASON, LIFETIME” rule and gently release those people in your life that no longer resonate with you.
In this case, depending on how you change your resonance field, they may return at a time when there is a compatible reason for connection.  Think about those people you no longer resonate with.  Decide whether they are in your life for A Reason, A Season or A Lifetime.  My next post will include a Cutting of the Ties that Bind process (originally created by Phyllis Krystal under the guidance of Sri Sathya Sai Baba).  Happy releasing!


What is Resonance?

What does it mean when you resonate with some thing/person/place? It means there is a mutual harmony and an alignment of the sacred essence that buzzes in the cells of everything.
When this is aligned, it gives a complete integrity for that MOMENT. Because we are constantly recreating our cells and raising our own frequency, we will RESONATE with different things at different times.

Think about all the possessions you have had over the years.  Their vibration matched a frequency that you emitted at the time you were attracted to them.  This relates to clothes, furnishings, styles and even colours.

Think about how Colour Affects you

In fact, colour plays an important part in the resonance you are experiencing.  We are all like a rainbow with a myriad of colours combining to form the perfect patterning of our energy.  At any given time, if we are lacking in a certain colour because of an emotional state we are experiencing, we will be attracted to that colour.  The attraction is caused by a desire to bring balance back into the “colour wheel” of our own hologram….. to create a harmonious Resonance. More

Getting Even More Creative

Creativity is in the air right now. It feels like the air is clearer and the new frequencies available from the incoming higher dimensions are calling us to get very creative with our lives. They are all about de-constructing what’s not serving us in our lives and creating what is perfect for right now.  We’ve all grown so much and come so far, it’s only logical to release outdated, outmoded paradigms and replace them with a current and futuristic perspective.
Make use of the pure Spirals of Creation which are all around you, to propel you forward – and get rid of all the excuses. They should be fainter now, as they belong to old programming. The limitations are peeled away and now it is up to us to totally trust in our Divine Essence to create what we want, without boundaries. Remember, boundaries are only in our minds!  Expand your mind, expand your boundaries and become limitless.
In meditation, or focused intent, try asking that you be completely connected to the Divine Source within and give permission for that Source to guide, direct and inspire you. Then follow that inspired intuition and play with the foundation energies that are here right now. Create and move into the spirals that contain everything that you need to fulfil your heart’s desire. Remember to be unattached and have fun with it all! ♥ ♥

Spirals of Creation

We are all well aware of the shift in consciousness and the waves of new energy coming through right now, deconstructing the old paradigm and creating a new way of being.  As the old is transformed, we will be looking for a replacement of what we held as our belief system and mode of operation here in the 3D Earth plane.  What I’d like to focus on in this post is the foundation energy of Creation, or the primary Source energy which supports all.  For ultimately, to work with new concepts, we will need to understand more fully how the Universe works in the incoming 5th Dimension.  This foundation energy is pure and clear, so as you connect with and use it you will be updating patterns within yourself and creating a new blueprint to manifest from.  Once you have cleared your blueprint of the old, then you may start to focus on bringing your new Visions into conscious reality. More