Spirals of Creation

We are all well aware of the shift in consciousness and the waves of new energy coming through right now, deconstructing the old paradigm and creating a new way of being.  As the old is transformed, we will be looking for a replacement of what we held as our belief system and mode of operation here in the 3D Earth plane.  What I’d like to focus on in this post is the foundation energy of Creation, or the primary Source energy which supports all.  For ultimately, to work with new concepts, we will need to understand more fully how the Universe works in the incoming 5th Dimension.  This foundation energy is pure and clear, so as you connect with and use it you will be updating patterns within yourself and creating a new blueprint to manifest from.  Once you have cleared your blueprint of the old, then you may start to focus on bringing your new Visions into conscious reality.


Allowing is Key to creating your Vision

Allowing – this is often a tricky task. Being in a space to allow all elements to flow into place, whether this is for personal growth, a business project or creating a new direction in your life.  And until this “template” is in place, you will often feel like your battling against all odds.

Allowing the space in your life for the blueprint of the future to form is essential. Without that space, you will be rushing supposedly forward with no underlying support.  The “dreaming” time for creation is paramount.  This means that you create a formless background support into which you place all the elements you choose for your creation.  This formless support can be likened to the Divine Essence, or Soul within your physical body which gives it life.  In the same way, the Divine Essence of your creation needs to be dreamed into being and will be the lifeforce in the manifest project.

Thinking in Circles

The new energies that are being grounded at present ask us to create in a different way.  As the old paradigm releases and the feminine vibration returns to its rightful place in our consciousness, we need to re-learn our creative techniques which were previously based  on linear thinking.  The new energy is of a higher frequency and balances both masculine and feminine (knowledge and creation).  This frequency is circular, spirallic, spherical NOT linear.  Because our mind is used to the linear concept, we need to upgrade our methods if we are to create abundantly in these new vibrations.

We have been using the idea of visualising the outcome and projecting it into our future.  It is now time to think spirallically, or in a circular way.  If you vision an end result, then you need to create the beginning simultaneously, as they are one and the same thing.  You don’t start at the beginning and move through a straight line to the end.  If you stand at the beginning point of a circle, the end point will also be the same.  How do you decide which came first?  They were birthed together, in unison.

You can use the “end” energy to create the right “beginning” energy which will easily bring all elements into place to fulfil your vision.  This is the meaning of “Be the change you want to see in the World” (Mahatma Ghandi).  If you fully embrace and immerse yourself in the “end” or Vision, then the “beginning” of the creative process will birth from the ENERGY or VIBRATION of the “end”.  The creative process then unfolds in a circular way, attracting all it needs to fulfil the Vision and return full circle, birthing in the outer world  what you have held clearly in your inner world.

Using Spirals of Creation

So, how do we make this happen here in our world?  This is where we can use the Spirals of Creation – a form of Divine Essence which holds within them the Source Energy which both initiates and completes within the cycle.  This energy is not new!  It’s ancient and sacred knowledge, as is evidenced in the beautiful sacred geometries and amazing intricate patterns within nature.

We all have access to this pure creative energy, but need to absolutely allow them to come into place, without controlling or manipulating their order and flow.  Our minds want them to come into a certain order, but the creative process is chaotic and random, aligned to the flow of Divine Order.

Because each creation is dependent upon what is occurring globally and particularly with those within your own soul group, if we try to push a logical sequence into the Spirals of Creation, we will cause confusion and stagnation.  There needs to be a complete allowing, a surrender into the feminine process of trust and openness.  In this space, we can call in these Divine Essences to become our blueprint for creation.

A Meditation:  Spirals of Creation

This is a meditation to clear your old blueprint and bring in a new platform from which to create.  You can use it again and focus specifically on something you want to create, change or manifest.  Before you start, make sure you are in a quiet, “safe” place where you feel comfortable.  Create your own sacred space by allowing a golden light to form a boundary around you and ask that only energies of Divine Love and Light be permitted to enter.

Focus your breath and mind into your pure heart centre. Call forth your Essential Self (or Divine Essence) to guide you. Imagine you are sitting in the centre of a large mandala – but it is the outline only!  The mandala in outline represents the beginning and end of your creation.

Now open yourself to the Light of the Spirals of Creation. Let each spiral flow as a colour into the spaces in your mandala. Keep this focus until all spaces are filled in.  Simply allow them to flow into the areas of the mandala which they are drawn to.  They will be fulfilling the Cosmic Plan in alignment with shifts across global consciousness, and will move into the right spaces to balance the completion of your personal blueprint.

Then imagine the mandala activating in a burst of colour and light and let it enter the cells of your body. Feel that it surrounds you and  just sit within it and allow time to integrate it.  Now imagine a pure Gold light energising  this template, giving it form, motion and direction in this dimension.  Allow it to move all around you using the Gold light as a beacon.  From your heart centre, radiate the Gold in concentric circles out around you.

Extend these concentric circles into the world around you, then further into the ethers around the earth.  Connect into the etheric Light Grid which bridges this world and the new 5th dimensional world.  Feel that this Gold light is communicating to all the people and vibrations in every dimension,  that are needed to fulfil your creation.  Now imagine a pure Silver light creating a channel of Love, flowing back into you.  Allow all vibrations of Divine Love to flow into your template so that it is harmonised with this dimension, and supporting your vision into manifestation.

Now, with a pure open heart, give thanks that it is done.

Listen to this Meditation:  Free Download!

Click the arrow on the Soundcloud link below to listen to my expanded voice recording of this meditation.  Or click the Download button to access a free download and listen in your own time. Meditation time is around 20 minutes.  Given to you with love…. enjoy!

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