As a first time visitor to both Uluru (and Australia!), I was thrilled to join Belinda and the September 2015 group of the Bridge of Rainbow Light Sacred Connection Journey. It was such a beautiful, rich and powerful experience. Actually, those three words – beautiful, rich, powerful (all in the most holistic sense) – easily describe each session and work I have done with Belinda throughout the years.

Belinda’s ability to move between realms, dimensions and great depths while translating to practical everyday application is a skill I greatly appreciate.

For me, this sacred journey with her was an amazing blend of  focused spiritual intention, channeled information and spiritual guidance, historical exploration and flat-out fun.

The accommodations, transportation,meals, group time/individual time…all worked splendidly. I felt wholly supported in my quest, and I came away with many amazing tools and a much greater, heartfelt understanding of Unity consciousness and connection to all.

This trip was life-changing and transformative from the moment I signed the paperwork – months before the physical trip occurred. That for me was perfection. I was ready. And I am eternally grateful.

Liza Gibhardt Multimedia Producer - Virginia Beach, USA

I have worked with clients for 20 years using different healing modalities. Having recently completed the Sacred Symmetry Holographic Healing course, I feel my work has now expanded quite profoundly. I haven’t changed the modalities I use, but I now have a new framework which my existing work sits within.

Using this Holographic Healing system allows what is needed to open where it is needed, within the physical or subtle fields, and it allows this to be accessed immediately. This has deepened my work as it directly addresses what is out of balance. My clients are accessing insight and inner wisdom far more easily and taking this into their lives to create tangible change.

On a personal level, I now use Holograms daily, in all areas of my life. I love the expansion and support they provide me with and I’m experiencing many practical results. Their uses seem limitless!

The SSHH Course was held in retreat, in beautiful and peaceful surroundings. This energy environment perfectly allowed our small group to work intensively and powerfully with Belinda, who gently held each of us in a safe and supportive space throughout.

It was also lots of fun, relaxing, great connections were made and the nourishing, delicious food was a daily highlight!

Lorraine Sinnett Psychotherapist, Counsellor & Energy Healer, Sydney

“My session with Belinda was a magical, other-worldly and very spiritually enriching experience. The lovely Belinda I know “stepped aside” as soon as the session began and in her place, I had the honor of interacting with an amazing, awe-inspiring and profoundly wise sage or oracle. She was immediately able to “see me” as I Really Am, beyond the physical & psychological limitations of my current incarnation.

She saw me for everything I have been (through what seemed like thousands of lives) and everything I still have the potential to be. She clearly saw a “Bigger Picture” of my existence & soul trajectory and was able to somehow perfectly communicate with me all I needed to know at this point and place in my current life. In what went by as a quick hour and a half, she realigned me with my whole Life Purpose and got me back on track with what my soul has been trying to accomplish for thousands of years. She gave me KEY pieces of priceless information, very relevant to my everyday life and issues, yet at the same time having a major impact in my overall life and identity.

My session with Belinda was invaluable and life changing, and I think it could be for anyone, but specially the spiritually inclined who are most likely to take the most away from the experience.”

Althea de las Estrellas Graphic Designer, Spain.

“I feel blessed to have had the pleasure of joining Belinda for one of her incredibly special workshops. This was my first experience and I felt so very nutured by her spirit and essence. The personal healing that occurred for me was felt very deeply in my heart and continues to be present in my life. Belinda is a loving being and spirit who imparts compassion, a genuine essence, and healing wisdom that is deeply experienced in the heart and soul.”

Claudia Melton Atlanta, USA

“I have attended and participated in many courses and healing sessions since I began my healing journey, but never before have I come across a facilitator or healer with so much integrity, love and commitment. Belinda is so present during both her sessions and courses and holds the most divine loving space for healing and learning to occur. Her level of commitment means that she holds that space until all that has to be realised is realised, all that has to be released is released and all that has to be transformed and integrated is complete.

She is a vessel of truth and a keeper of the highest wisdom, an incredibly clear and accurate channel with the ability to enhance clarity, trigger transformation and nurture spiritual growth in a lasting, compassionate and empowering way. The kind of tools she teaches and the value you receive from her sessions and workshops is quite impossible to put into words. I leave her sessions feeling inspired, empowered, clear, in balance, focused, transformed, free and aware of the incredible potential that exists within me.

Her sessions have helped me become a driving force in my own life. They have given me confidence and trust to be authentic, an abundance of self-love and acceptance and tools that support me through all the ups and downs of life. So much Gratitude!”

Seonaid Boyle Harmonic Alignment practitioner & Ka Huna Therapist, Sunshine Coast, Australia.

“I completed Belinda’s course “Heartlight Healing” many years ago. It became part of my own foundation of knowledge for my personal and spiritual development. Participation in one of Belinda’s courses guarantees transformation in the most delightful, heart-centred way.”

Susie Nelson-Smith Crystal Sound Therapist & Teacher, Sydney, Australia.

“Belinda is a delightful, gifted teacher and healer. Her understanding of our spiritual connections and working with the realms of light and other dimensions is exceptional. My understanding and ability to work with energy expanded greatly as a result of my studies and personal sessions with Belinda.”

Rev. Moksha Kolman Wellness Consultant, Chapel Hill, USA.

“Belinda, I want to thank you for our amazing spiritual blueprint session. You’ve helped me get clarity on some of the questions I had concerning my spirit guides, whether the “tough” decisions I was having to make would serve my greatest purpose, and whether I was fulfilling my life’s highest potential.  Interesting enough the answers you’ve channelled backed up my intuitive belief, and it gave me peace of mind knowing that what I stand for – my values, mission and purpose were served at the highest level. You rock girl!”

Monika Mundell Communication Strategist & Business Coach.

“Dearest Belinda,

My heart is so full of gratitude to you and your team. The Spiritual Blueprint Alignment session was so amazingly profound. It has opened me up in ways that are truly astonishing. I feel so much joy at remembering who I really am, realising my true essence. I feel true peace and love. The worries and stresses I had before walking into your beautiful healing space are now obsolete – all that remains is love and light. And joy!! You are an amazingly gifted healer.”

Wendy Cooper Massage Therapist & Energy Healer, Sunshine Coast, Australia

“I have been blessed with Belinda’s guidance on my spiritual journey over the last twenty years. I have had several long distance sessions with Belinda, sprinkled like jewels across that path. Each session has been different, powerful and perfect for that point of my growth. Each one has given me tools and strengths to handle particular issues, unlocking aspects of myself which needed to come forward, enriching my understanding and raising me to greater heights. They have indeed been a bridge between the visible and the invisible, deepening my awareness and connection with the unseen. Each session has left me feeling more resourceful, supported, uplifted and deeply grateful.”

Wendy McAra Psychologist, MA (Psych) MAPS, Sydney, Australia

“Prior to doing the Heartlight Healing workshop I felt very stuck on my path, unable to find the clarity I needed to move forward. Working with Belinda, I experienced an opening & lifting of my vibration which allowed me to access higher levels of connection & insight. Belinda works with great integrity & compassion.
The energy she brings through in her teaching allows each individual to connect to their highest healing energy. The Heartlight Healing course also gave me practical healing tools & a new understanding of the energetic healing system. 14 years later I continue to use those tools in my work as a Spiritual Healer, both with my clients & with myself”.

Lorraine Sinnett Counsellor, Psychotherapist & Energy Healer, Sydney, Australia.

“What a supercalifragilistic experience!! The Business Blueprint session with Belinda was very powerful. This morning I feel stronger and more focused than I have ever been in my life. There is now an incredible sense of Oneness with All That Is and my part in the picture. Wow!!!”

Jane Scarratt Spiritual Kinesiologist, Gold Coast, Australia.

” My journey with Belinda spanned approximately just over 10 years but there will always be for me a desire to reconnect throughout my life no matter where we are. My sessions and workshops with Belinda were life changing.   Her gifts and my feelings are beyond words to describe, so I can only write … thank you and bless you always.”

Christe Jaemes Colour Therapist and Healer, Sydney, Australia

“Hi to whoever’s reading the testimonial. Belinda is a wonderful embodiment of compassionate joy. I attended her seminars in the SE USA and booked a personal session related to soul’s purpose. She begins from impeccable integrity, shares her information easily, and genuinely made a very positive influence in my life. I recommend her highly among the energy-workers and healers I’ve met.”

A.S. Florida, USA

“Whenever I need an infusion of loving healing energy I turn to Belinda for her unique channelling of divine light.”

Susie Nelson-Smith Crystal Sound Therapist & Teacher, Sydney, Australia.

“This workshop intensive experience grounded energies which maintained clarity in an ongoing flow, enriching all aspects of everyday life. Unfolding in exquisite, subtle layers, the truths of my own vibration were continually revealed long after the intensive had completed. Belinda facilitates her seminars with deep insight, compassion and mastery unlike anyone else I know in this field. Her contribution to my awareness and experience is immeasurable.”

Tom Chapman Transpersonal Coach, Sydney, Australia