Online Courses

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New courses to delight your mind and revitalise your soul

These courses are creative sparks that have flown from my heart and inspired me to bring them to life. I’m currently in the process of lovingly crafting the content, so if any of these topics call to you, please get in touch and register your interest. I’m so looking forward to being of service to you through these love-filled courses.

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Sacred Soul Alchemy: One-on-one mentoring

A 12-week course, with 6 healing infused sessions, for alchemical transformation of your world, in alignment with your soul’s passion.

Absolute Abundance: A foundational course in all things Abundant

A 6-week course, to help you become the vibration of what you wish to draw into your life. As you become the resonance of abundance, you attract more of this into your world. Your energy field shimmers with the resonance of your desire and you create in alignment with your soul and greater wholeness.

Sacred Soul Self-Healing: Your magic kit for everyday healing

A 6-week course, infused with love and empowerment, to teach you to raise your own vibration. Hummingbird is the totem of joy, magic and abundance. Bringing this energy into your life daily will support you energetically to face anything life hands you. Learning to uplift your own energy is really empowering and essential for constant forward movement. In this course I’ll share self love & self healing rituals that are both powerful and practical. Nurturing and caring for your sacred energy as you live your every day life is an important foundation that influences everything else in your world.

Divine Resonance

A 12-week course, about expanding your everyday consciousness, in a multi-dimensional way. In this course we explore the map of your divine consciousness, across dimensions and time/space. We work with your subtle energy bodies to open you to attuning to the resonance of the Divine in everything. Your life becomes a celebration of love in all.