Individual Sessions



Sacred Soul Alchemy Session

This session is perfect for when you have specific issues that need healing from the core, to transform you across lifetimes. You want deep insight, clear old karmic ties, raise your vibration and shine with a new light.

This is a lovingly powerful form of healing alchemy that works with holograms, or blueprints of wholeness, in your expanded energy field. This heart-centred, deeply transformative modality channelled through me from my Spirit Team around 25 years ago. In this session, we connect with the multi-dimensional aspects of you to bring the resolution that is in your subtle energy bodies, into the core of the issue you are addressing.

By connecting the issue and its solution within your expanded energy field, an alchemical process is triggered. We then link the same issue with all other lifetimes or dimensions that hold that pattern, and allow healing to occur on all levels simultaneously. Of course, any healing is only as effective as your willingness to accept and integrate it. You therefore empower yourself as being the key to your own healing process.

These sessions involve a very deep, interactive meditative process. I create a high vibrational sacred space that holds the healing energy needed to shift you into a new reality. Together we explore the levels of your cosmic awareness to uncover what needs to connect, transform and integrate into wisdom now. There are so many other areas that show themselves during these sessions. We often work with your relationship to global healing, cosmic aspects of your soul, bringing old karmic contracts to completion, and holographic re-patterning to bring in new creation.

Results you can achieve: feeling renewed + revitalised, expanded soul wisdom, free and clear of energy debris, holographic re-alignment, ready to move forward, loving + nurtured.

Energy exchange: AU$240.00 for 1 x 90 minute session. Book your session in my ONLINE CALENDAR.


Spiritual Blueprint Alignment

2 x 90 minute sessions
This session is perfect for the aware, awakened spiritual adventurer who’s ready for a cosmic journey that spans dimensions. It’s for those who want to expand their vibration and align their life with their unique soul gifts and a cosmic perspective.

Sometimes you just know you have to move forward into something intangible. Your soul is calling you to remember parts of you that are needed in your life right now: to guide you, and to share knowledge with others. You may be at a cross roads, and ready to travel a new path. You’re ready to connect with your true purpose, and find out where you belong in this world, so you can amplify your radiance. Most importantly, you’re ready to connect with your contribution to the shift in consciousness on Earth, and become a guiding light for others.

This is an in-depth, spiritual alchemy session that energetically connects you to your patterning or soul blueprint within the Akashic Records, which are the Light Libraries of consciousness that record all incarnation, throughout time and space, and beyond. We tune into your higher consciousness to explore your soul’s design from many levels of cosmic awareness, whilst relating this to your current life lessons and spiritual direction.

We work with your energy hologram, which is a perfect, uniquely patterned 3D mandala of pure love energy that surrounds all your light bodies. Your hologram shifts and re-adjusts each time you choose to make change. It responds to every choice by reflecting the vibration of that choice, like a kaleidoscope shifting to create a new pattern. Everything you’ve come to learn, balance, create, teach, contribute and experience in this life, in connection with the whole of consciousness is contained in your hologram. It also holds the vibrational knowledge, answers, solutions, insights, skills, wisdom and magic you need to navigate your soul map.

The depth of love received in both these sessions is immense. The expansion and recognition of your purpose are truly profound and life changing. You’ll find that many questions are answered without you having to ask them. They’ll just flow from your soul into your awareness. The knowledge, healing and expansion you integrate is intended to empower you, help you trust your inner guidance, and allow you to feel connected to a bigger picture – a spiritual family – a greater purpose, all the time. YOU are your own teacher and guiding light. I simply help you connect with this, and spark the knowing.

I’ve created two sessions for this, as it is a very powerful process. After the initial connection and alignment, there will be time to allow the new resonance to adjust, before we complete the integration.

Session 1: Attunement and connection
Whilst this is a reading, it is mostly a sacred alchemy process that re-calibrates your whole hologram, having effect on all your energy system and light bodies. Together we explore your patterning from a spiritual perspective: what your essence is here to contribute, and how your vibration is helping the shift in consciousness on the Earth. We’ll connect with your Akashic Records, aligning you energetically with the truth and wisdom you need to embody now.
This is a very expansive process and will speak in spiritual terms. Sometimes your mind may take a little time to catch up with the immense beauty and power of your own soul vibration, so it’s best to just receive and allow time for the energy to disperse through all your bodies, and for your new hologram to restructure.

Session 2: Alignment and Integration
I suggest this is done a week after the first session. During that week your energy field and light bodies will be creating changes in your everyday patterns. As things arise, be aware, make notes and allow a new flow of light. Now we get together to align and integrate your expanded energy into your daily life.
This is an experiential and interactive session. You can ask questions and explore parts of you that want to open further. Any guidance from your Spirit Team will be channelled through, and you will be very much a part of this process. We also do timeline-healing work: transforming patterns from the past and opening soul lines into the future. You’ll receive clearing, transformation and re-patterning of your energy field in alignment with your soul purpose.

Results you can achieve: deep soul truth, realisation of and alignment with your purpose, holographic re-patterning of your energy field, shifting to a new vibration, joy, love + nurturing.

Energy exchange: AU$444 for 2 x 90 minute sessions + distance healing sent in between sessions + email follow up + love.

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panel3Business Blueprint Alignment

3 x 90 minute sessions
These sessions are a perfect sacred energy foundation that you can build your business dreams upon. Whether you want to create your own business or find a job that reflects your soul’s inspiration, this alignment helps you get clear on the core qualities that support your dreams. 

Your business is a reflection of yourself… your values, mindset, gifts, emotional experiences all form part of your business. It’s your creation, and carries a vibration of its own, linked to your holographic field.

In these sessions we connect to the vibrational essence of your business blueprint. This is a purely energetic alignment, and underlies all business coaching you may be working with. It is akin to creating fertile ground, upon a clear blueprint, so that your business can blossom in harmony with your spiritual purpose.  This is the energetic support that helps your business grow and prosper.

The balance of ebb and flow is what creates a successful business dynamic. To sustain the activity of a business, underlying nourishment needs to be available to feed growth. Think of it in terms of balancing feminine and masculine energy. You must first have creative, feminine energy that allows the ingredients of your plan to be in place. The masculine, active energy then gives form to the vision, and creates a plan of action to ground the creation. It continues in a fine balance of allowing/receiving and acting/directing.

Most business leaders are visionaries and always see the potential in the bigger picture, birth a vision, and let it flow into the world as an energetic foundation before they embark on a strategic action plan. This inspiration and allowing of potential is what sparks the vision into being.

In the same way, for your business to thrive, it needs to have a bigger picture vision… ask yourself these questions:

  • How does your business serve others in the world?
  • What is the essence of your vision, and how does that connect with the evolution of the collective consciousness now?
  • How does what you offer align with what is needed by the whole to grow and expand now?
  • What is your soul asking you to shine into the world right now?

We work with your soul light to align your business blueprint with your values, integrity and purpose; always in relationship with how you are called to serve the whole now.

This alignment is in three parts:

  1. Connecting to your spiritual blueprint and aligning with your life purpose. This is similar to the Spiritual Blueprint session above, but with a slightly different perspective.
  2. Attuning to your business blueprint and remembering your gifts. Clearing patterns that may block your vision, and aligning your business blueprint with your spiritual purpose.
  3. Mapping intentions, values, gifts, vision, goals and alignment with the needs of the evolving consciousness now. Grounding this new blueprint to the Earth and balancing in the universal hologram. Energetic tools to continue to balance and expand your blueprint as it changes and grows.

After each session, you’ll receive a summary of the highlights to integrate. Upon completion of the whole alignment, I’ll prepare a PDF document for you with the highlights, and include processes you can continue to use as you move forward with your business vision. Please note that these are not business coaching sessions. These sessions are energetic in nature, and complement a business coaching program.

Results you can achieve: clarity, balance, alignment of your life purpose with your business purpose, tools to support your own creative growth, connection to a greater purpose, clarity about your business service to the world, freedom, joy, inspiration, nurturing + love.

Energy exchange: AU$690 for 3 x 90 minute sessions + distance healing in between sessions + email follow up with PDF notes + love.

Book your sessions in my ONLINE CALENDAR.