How I Work

“I truly believe in magic… the creative, divine spark that starts inside of you.”

To touch that magic, open it and let it flow richly into your life is what my work is all about.

Imagine a big canvas: clear, bright and ready to come to life.

Nearby are hundreds of pots of glistening, vibrant colours:  luminescent, glittery, radiant. This is your future, waiting for you to dip your brush into the pool of colour and alchemically blend qualities that will paint the vision of what you choose to create as your life. I would love to help you clear your canvas, find your soul gifts that communicate through colour and light, then blend it all together with love to shift the kaleidoscope of your life.

So, what does it mean to be a Sacred Soul Alchemist?

A simple explanation of alchemy is: transmutation of energy into a higher vibration by applying principles of wholeness. For me it’s the gift of expanding from the seed of my soul, through my own energy, across dimensions and into the pure divine spark that is present in everything. From here, there is no barrier to blending whatever is needed to create an alchemical healing resonance for you.

My vibration aligns with the Akashic Records* (or Akasha). I access this light library as easily as breathing. My Spirit Team is a radiant blend of pure essence light beings (the Elohim), Archangels, colour rays, Ascended Masters, and guides of light.

Each of my sessions is a play of creativity, uniquely visioned for you, so you may evolve into the person you wish to be.

I’ve learned from experience that creating a deeply healing, loving, sacred space is the catalyst for amazing, life-changing results. Love and trust is absolutely essential when you open yourself to release. This is the basis of all my sessions, workshops and courses.

As a channel of the divine, I attune to a cosmic blend of energies that will form a safe cocoon of healing love, combined with soul wisdom, to expand and shift you into a new vibration. We’ll connect with your essence, your Spirit Team, and your personal hologram** so your sacred soul map may open and align you with the light wisdom within you. Each amazing person I work with has an unique blueprint, so no two sessions are ever the same.

Remember, you are the key healer in all the processes.

It’s your willingness to transform, and your own divine love and soul light that creates permanent change in your life.

Spirit knows no boundaries, so all my sessions may be done in person or via phone/Skype. I do a lot of Skype sessions and can easily channel the energy needed for healing from my base in Australia, to anywhere in the world.

I’d absolutely love to help you unlock the treasures your soul has for you so you can create more magic in your life. Let’s start the process by connecting via email to see if we’re aligned. Click here for an outline of my sessions. They can be blended and refined to perfectly fit your needs. Get in touch and let me know which of these is calling you now. I’d love to hear from you.

With much love and joy,





* Akashic Records
A very simple description of this vast cosmic resource is that they are the Light Libraries of consciousness that record all incarnation, thought, experience and awareness throughout time and space, and beyond. They are organic, interactive and contain light vibration that can be accessed through clear, heart-centred intention. Everyone has access to these records through their soul light.

** Your Energy Hologram
We each have an energy hologram, which is a perfect, uniquely patterned 3D mandala of pure love energy that surrounds all our light bodies.  Your hologram shifts and re-adjusts each time you choose to make change. It responds to every choice by reflecting the vibration of that choice, like a kaleidoscope shifts to create a new pattern.

Everything you’ve come to learn, balance, create, teach, contribute and experience in this life, in connection with the whole of consciousness is contained in your hologram. It also holds the vibrational knowledge, answers, solutions, insights, skills, wisdom and magic you need to navigate your soul map.