Holographic Healing

Sacred Symmetry Holographic Healing Modality


A heart-centred, multi-dimensional modality for healers who want to expand their guiding light and their practice. Learn to blend alchemical healing holograms that re-pattern energy through multiple lifetimes, across time, space and dimensions.


Are you looking for the inspiration and energetic foundation that will spark the next dimensional shift in your work?

Unity Consciousness has grounded, and you may sense a call to bring your healing work into a different kind of relationship with the world. You may be looking for guidance and support to bring this into alignment. Or you may just feel there’s a deeper, divine, authentic power within you that’s so ready to meet the world, and you know it’s time for you to offer this to those who call it from you. Holographic healing brings all this and more.

Whatever your reason, your soul is guiding you to connect here because you’re ready to expand in a way that fulfils your higher purpose and strengthens your radiance as a guiding light for others. Before we came to this earth, our souls agreed to connect now, and share the wisdom and insight to open your healing gifts to a whole new dimension.


If you’re a healer, or energy practitioner, and want to step up to share your guiding light in a different way, you’ll love this  holographic healing course. It’s  limited to 6 participants, so you’ll receive a deeply transformative and personal experience.


What’s this modality about?

Sacred Symmetry Holographic Healing RetreatSacred Symmetry Holographic Healing is all about unity and relationship with wholeness. It’s about knowing the intricate, interwoven mandala of unity that intimately connects us with everything in the cosmos. This modality takes us into timelessness, where we transcend the barriers of time/space and dimensions. We connect into the creative source of Divine Love and become unlimited in our ability to work with any lifetime, in any dimension.  We create a linked relationship with all incarnations that relate to a particular circle of learning, and benefit from each experience.

It’s about always working with the bigger picture, connecting related energy stories, and creating an alchemical healing frequency that unites across dimensions. The holographic frequency created is the pure balance of the positive and negative experiences, bringing them into wholeness, and alchemically shifting them to a higher vibration.

It works like a slow release vitamin pill, releasing the perfect blend of healing light that’s needed in any moment, until that circle of learning is complete.

This healing retreat is also about you…. magnifying your healing light and remembering the creative power of higher dimensions. And using these gifts with love, clarity, freedom and respect. You shift your vibration to become the answering mirror image of love that’s needed for others to clear their own fears and return to wholeness. You become a guide for  infinite possibility.

What will you learn?

The core of this holographic healing modality is about shifting your vibration so you easily access multi-dimensional reality, not only when you’re in your healing room, but also on an everyday basis. It opens limitless unity with the “invisible” and deep trust in yourself as a guiding light.

But you will also learn a practical modality that you can weave into your healing practice, and use as a highly effective tool for creation and healing in your own life. Here’s a broad outlines of some of the wisdom to be shared:

  • Understanding circular thinking: that the answer stimulates the question, or the solution creates the challenge, so you may
    ground that knowledge from higher aspects of wisdom, in perfect timing.
  • Understanding multi-dimensional aspects that are attuned to this lifetime. Accessing the wisdom they hold to enlighten repetitive patterning.
  • Working with light mandalas and creating alchemical healing holograms to shift patterns (thought forms, beliefs and emotional/karmic patterning).
  • Bringing these patterns into relationship with wholeness, into connection with all other incarnations that affect them, and relating them to the evolving collective consciousness now.
  • Applying these holograms to re-pattern these energies across all lifetimes and dimensions in which they exist.
  • Balancing and completing karmic circles and circles of learning. Again, we bring these into relationship with your purpose now, and how this completion benefits the collective.
  • Working with the future self to bring healing and balance to the present. Sometimes the future self can be who we are now, bringing healing and balance to past aspects that exist within a circle of learning.
  • Working with karmic contracts and accessing the Akashic Records to complete these.
  • Understanding the holographic body that supports the entire energy field, and vibrates with all the knowledge, wisdom and healing that is needed in this lifetime, connected multi-dimensionally.
  • Aligning with Unity Consciousness and the new Unity Codes that have grounded within the planet now.
  • Grounding this multi-dimensional healing into this Earth, so it anchors a new frequency in each person you work with, and yourself. Connecting with and balancing inner earth frequencies is equally as important to the whole picture as accessing the cosmic light.

What’s the Pricing?

This course is run either as a 6 night/7 day retreat in Noosa, Queensland, or as a series of weekend workshops. Pricing will be confirmed when the next course format is in place.

Connect with me to register for the next course.

Does all of this sound like it’s what you’re looking for? Now you have a better idea of what’s involved, I’d love to chat with you. We can talk about any other questions you may have, and I’ll send you through all the registration details, once the next course dates are  confirmed.

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I look forward to connecting with you soon.

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