Hiding Behind the Light

“But you who are strong and swift, see that you do not limp before the lame, deeming it kindness” – Kahlil Gibran, The Prophet

This beautiful truth struck me in the heart the other day as I was reading through an astrology book on Chiron and the Healing Journey. Chiron represents the “wounded healer” who in turn must bring healing to others in order to heal him/herself.

But now we have gone way beyond this aspect of ourselves and the shifting consciousness is calling us to become the full Light we are within. With no excuses.   Gone is the time of the wounded healer and we are now to step fully into the joy of being a complete healing vibration.

How many times have you changed who you are in order to fit in with the status quo? I know I have done this many many times. Maybe we’re afraid of people’s reactions to the Light we have, to the strength and vision that comes with that Light. So we hide our personality behind the Light, never fully letting it be encompassed and merge with that Essence of our wholeness. We give value to the Light, but perhaps not to our earthly selves, which keeps us in the woundedness of being human.

Think even of our own families and community circles.  Very often we forget that if we hold our Light strong, we are able to lift the spirits of those who are going through a hard time.  If we dull our Light and weaken our Spirit to identify with the “drama” then we fall into it ourselves.  It really doesn’t help!

If we can bring all aspects of ourselves, in unison, into the Light and step forward with that vibration pouring through us, we will radiate a balance which will be perceived by others. We don’t need to talk about it, just BE it.  We are still experiencing our human journey, but the union we choose to view it through gives us a complete spiritual journey – supported by and emerged in Spirit. Then our learning on the way more easily becomes a process of deeper wisdom giving us insight before we need to learn through too much difficulty.

Personally, I feel I’ve been in a period of hiding – of not fully allowing myself to be who I am around others and in community.  Doing my work quietly and steadily, but without being noticed. Now I’m feeling the call from the Whole to interface again and shift my hologram so that I can radiate that aspect of my Wholeness which will bring the Truth/Light out of hiding. The value of this is that I can now move through this process of coming out of my cocoon and transforming, the morphic resonance of this will spread and make it so much easier for those in my soul group and beyond to activate their own transformations, whatever that may be:  just as I have received this myself.

Remember the connection that exists with all around us and that we’re all transforming together.

with Love…. Belinda

Try this Meditation:

Imagine yourself in the centre of a beautiful multi-coloured and multi-dimensional hologram.  The outer layer of this hologram is your personal kaleidoscope of  expanded knowledge and wisdom.  Your wholeness and potential.  Feel that you can imagine layers of radiant crystalline colour and light all around you and you are seated in the centre of all this.  Imagine that you can spin this hologram and allow it to reform just by focusing the loving intention of your heart and directing it with your mind.

As it spins and changes, allow the kaleidoscope to  reform into a mandala of light and feel it energised and travelling through the outer layers of your hologram to imprint itself on your heart. Absorb this light and colour and let flow through your spine, into the central nervous system and out into the cells of your body.  Now your whole physical body is also vibrating to and radiating with the light of the mandala in your heart.

From your heart, allow yourself to see the barriers and walls you have been hiding behind…  those areas which prevent you from completely merging with the wisdom you have brought in from your own holographic reality.  Use the light and colour from the energised mandala to transform these blocks.  As they fall away, lovingly invite these aspects which were hiding to merge once again with the wholeness and radiate that out to the world.

To complete, radiate the energy from the mandala from your heart through all your bodies until it sparks realisation in your holographic body (the beautiful kaleidoscope you started with).  Let the patterning easily flow within and around you and step forward in your mind’s eye into a healing vibration which energises the wholeness you are.  Let this flow out into your world.

Free Meditation Download

If you enjoyed reading this process, perhaps you’d like to download the MP3 version of this so you can relax and enjoy the energy flow whilst I guide you through it.  Here’s the link to my Soundcloud page to download it:  http://soundcloud.com/hummingbird-healing/hiding-behind-the-light.  Given to you as a gift, with love from me.

Belinda xxx