Getting Even More Creative

Creativity is in the air right now. It feels like the air is clearer and the new frequencies available from the incoming higher dimensions are calling us to get very creative with our lives. They are all about de-constructing what’s not serving us in our lives and creating what is perfect for right now.  We’ve all grown so much and come so far, it’s only logical to release outdated, outmoded paradigms and replace them with a current and futuristic perspective.
Make use of the pure Spirals of Creation which are all around you, to propel you forward – and get rid of all the excuses. They should be fainter now, as they belong to old programming. The limitations are peeled away and now it is up to us to totally trust in our Divine Essence to create what we want, without boundaries. Remember, boundaries are only in our minds!  Expand your mind, expand your boundaries and become limitless.
In meditation, or focused intent, try asking that you be completely connected to the Divine Source within and give permission for that Source to guide, direct and inspire you. Then follow that inspired intuition and play with the foundation energies that are here right now. Create and move into the spirals that contain everything that you need to fulfil your heart’s desire. Remember to be unattached and have fun with it all! ♥ ♥