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I’m making room for new products, and offering these two beautiful books to you, as a bundle, for the special price of: AU$24.00, including shipping within Australia. You receive two books, including postage, for less than the price of one. Just click on the button below to purchase. If you’re overseas and would like to purchase these, just email me and I’ll work out shipping for you, depending on your location.


Soulful Relationships

Adventures in Manifesting is a best selling series which has featured luminaries such as Marianne Williamson, Danielle La Porte, Joe Vitale, Bob Doyle, Lynn Rose, and many more. I’m excited and proud to have been chosen to contribute to “Soulful Relationships”.  Being published as one of the 33 contributing authors in this book is a wonderful personal manifestation. And the topic of creating loving, soulful relationships is close to my heart.  I’m thrilled to share my chapter “The Path of the Heart” with you all.   

Whether you want to meet your soul mate, understand why you attracted certain people into your life, need to heal emotional pain, or want to learn how to connect on a deep soul level with your higher self, then this book will illuminate your way. Each of these individual stories is unique and written from the heart. Each has its own journey and message to share.

You’ll witness how others bravely followed their hearts to allow love to manifest through amazingly powerful lessons.  Adventures in Manifesting – Soulful Relationships will take you through a deep journey of your own as you find meaning and connection with all who have shared their hearts so openly.

Love and Oneness

This amazing book peels back the layers of human spirit to uncover your own exquisite beauty and unlimited potential. With contributions from over 30 authors, including prominent thought leaders, each story will take you into a world of inspiration for your soul to resonate with.

Perhaps you’d like to create more inner peace and harmony, or embrace the rising consciousness of love and oneness? These stories will inspire and guide you on your own journey. You’ll also discover how to feel blissfully comfortable in your own skin, release the pain of past relationships, and seek your own happily ever after from within.

Each chapter is heart-warming for your soul, proving that with love, anything is possible.