Embracing, not facing

Embracing, not just facing, your problems/challenges/enemies/an​noyances is what will change their form into something you can deal with. Just looking at them, thinking or talking about them will still keep you in separation. If you embrace them from your heart, they will be neutralised by the inherent Love. You can then get clarity on how to move through them.

Try this meditation:

How do we embrace, rather than just face? Here is a meditation which will help you to make a start in a direction which will help:

Sitting still in a calm place, centre yourself and your thoughts into your heart. Feel a spiral of bright white light moving from the core of your heart up and through you. Let the spiral of light work to clear any persistent thoughts which may prevent you from being completely attuned to the moment.

Again from your heart see a circle of light with you in the centre. See another circle of light opposite containing the situation/person/problem which is charged with negativity such as anger, frustration, fear, revenge, attack, rage, resentment or any other energy which is really troubling you.

Use a stream of blue, white and gold light flowing from your heart directly to the circle opposite you and let this light penetrate to the core of the situation. Feel the fear (in whatever that form it takes) de-energising and neutralising the circle, leaving it free to be just a situation. See a symbol within this circle and allow it to enter your personal circle in a bubble of pink. Merge with this symbol and let yourself embrace the situation. This releases you from fear of the whole thing and allows you to feel what is going on underneath.

The key now is to release the other circle which contained the old energy. Just feel that you have embraced and understood the circumstance. Let the symbol “speak” to your heart and feel a deep, expansive knowing of the learning from this. Let it flow into your heart and bring awareness of a way to overcome all the polarity which has surrounded this. Finally release the person or situation from your mental body by picturing it in a circle/spiral/bubble of light and allowing it to disintegrate from your thought patterns.

Be prepared to approach the new energy with openness and awareness so that you can react with a Light response rather than guard with fear. If you stay in fear, that will keep attracting the negativity. It’s tricky, subtle and takes a bit of practise, but if we are open it can teach us a lot.