Cutting Ties


What happens when you feel you have completed your current journey with another person, and need to move on from that vibration?

It’s time to gently cut ties and  also to look at the Resonance Fields that have been created between you.


Releasing Old Resonance Fields

A Resonance Field is an energy body created by  a meeting of mutually attracted vibrations.  So Resonance occurs when vibrations react to a stimulus which is in Divine Order for them in that MOMENT.  This reaction, which is felt on the other side as well, then creates a Resonance Field.  It captures the essence of the Resonance beamed out from all parties, creating a common tie to each other.  As we have discussed before, this tie can be positive or seemingly negative.  It is there for learning and resolution.

When the need for the Resonance is completed, your connection to the field which united everyone also needs to be dismantled.  The energy which you have given out must now return to you and EVOLVE.  If it is left in place, there will be an access point within your own auric field which drains you and keeps you held back in old relationships or connections: be it with one person or a group.

It is important to remember that we choose to dismantle these fields and cut ties, because we wish to return to our own integrity and evolve.  It’s not because we think that the other person is wrong or bad or whatever else you may imagine.  It’s just COMPLETED.  That’s all.  Whatever energy was held in place has to transform and evolve, otherwise it is YOU that suffers.  It’s up to you to maintain your integrity and return to your own wholeness. Then you can welcome your next connection, having benefited from the Resonance which occurred in this one.

Cutting Ties

The following meditation is based on a process by Phyllis Krystal in her book “Cutting the Ties that Bind”.  Ms Krystal was inspired by Sri Sathya Baba to write a series of books on this subject, all of which are incredibly insightful and fabulous tools for self healing.  I would highly recommend reading at least the first book if you feel this brief process is effective for you.  This meditation is a shortened form of her whole process, so I encourage to visit her website and look at the expanded version  As you know, I work with holograms, spheres, spirals and resonance fields, so I have included these aspects.

Try this meditation:

Make sure you are in a quiet, safe healing space.  Create a beautiful bubble of Light around you and ask that only Divine Love enter this space. Energise this bubble with Golden Light and hold the intention of releasing old ties and resonances which you still hold in your energy field.

Imagine yourself sitting or standing in a place in nature.  Place a golden circle of Light on the ground around you.  See the circle spin and intensify.  Now call in the other person you wish to cut ties with.  See them in a golden circle of Light on the ground around them as well.  Let the circle spin and intensify.  Now see the circles join together to form a figure eight.  Focus the golden Light moving from the centre point between you clockwise around the person in front of you.  Let it move powerfully around you as well, tracing the figure eight.  Just spend a few moments working with this until it’s a constant and strong motion.

Now allow a Blue Light, representing detachment, to enter into the centre of the figure eight in front of you.  Again, allow this blue Light to spin inside the gold, circling the figure eight.  Do this until it flows strongly.  You may feel a lot of emotions surfacing during this part of the process, as the blue light is clearing old ties.

Keep the movement of blue inside gold going.  Now ask that all “negative” ties between you appear.  Be aware of these ties and where they connect in your bodies.  Call in your team of angels and guides and ask for assistance in cutting the negative ties that bind you.  See yourself cutting these ties, with scissors, with a sword or anything else that feels good for you.  Make sure you cut all the ties and as each one is cut, it returns to each person.

Now call in Archangel Michael just by asking that He be present to cut the Field of Resonance that was created with this other person.  Imagine Him using his Sword of Detachment to cut the joining point of the two circles which were the figure eight.  As the circles are cut, see the other person bathed in a sphere of blue light.  Watch as this bubble floats away and that person maintains their own integrity.

Stay in your own bubble of light and now see a glowing violet flame fire in front of you.  Carefully pull out all the ties from you own energy field and body, as if you were pulling weeds out from the roots.  Place them in the violet flame for transmutation.  Now ask the Angels to bring healing colour into the spaces which were left when you pulled out the ties.  Breathe deeply and allow these beautiful colours to transform the vibration of those spaces.  Just sit with this and feel it working on you.

To complete, visualise a gold and silver intertwined spiral at your heart centre.  Let it spiral out through your physical body in a huge spirallic circle which balances and aligns all cells.  Allow it to continue out through all your energy bodies: etheric, emotional, mental, spiritual, causal and connect to your overall holographic body which contains your truth.  Feel the spirals connect here and repattern your own Resonance Field simply by asking that it be done.

Be still and breathe in all the changes.  Feel the Lightness and expansion you have created.  Give thanks that it is done.

This whole process may need to be repeated on a daily basis if you had a particularly strong tie to the person or group.  It is very much up to each individual to assess if it is complete.  Ms Krystal recommends her Method be practised every day for at least 7 days.

With love,