Creating Sacred Space

Recently I’ve noticed an influx of people talking about seeing and experiencing astral spirits who are stuck.  A lot of people have been seeing them even more clearly and hearing them too! Some have just been seeing things out of the corners of their eyes more often and sensing other presences around their homes.

After tuning in, I was shown that the veils between dimensions are becoming very thin.  As a result these entities have become clearer to see and experience.  They exist in the lower astral plane and as the incoming fifth dimensional energies are touching us more strongly,  we can see that which is in between worlds as more of a “reality”.

Astral Spirits look for help

They are also looking for help to get through their unfinished business from whatever lifetime it manifested.  So they are attracted to Lightworkers…. even if you don’t consider yourself one.  Anyone who has a high degree of sensitivity will feel this, regardless of whether you have shut it down in this life.  Many of them feel they are attached to situations or people on the Earth and can’t free themselves to move on to a higher level of consciousness as they left their bodies with those lessons incomplete.  They are certainly not harmful to us, but can be quite draining because of the negativity they carry.

There are also large groups of energies from the inner earth which are looking to evolve and be cleared as part of the overall dimensional shift and uplifting of consciousness on earth.  As a result, many of us are feeling like we’re waking up from our sleep state exhausted and like we have been fighting battles in our sleep!  Clearing of the lower astral is just ONE of the reasons for this.

I will write up another post to talk about what we can do to consciously help these inner earth energies transform, for those interested in becoming more active in their Earth Healing capabilities…. coming up soon.

Right now, there is a need to create a Sacred Space, not only for ourselves but for our homes so that we can have a sanctuary of Light where we can recharge.  We need to start with a complete clearing of our home space and then follow up with a daily reinforcement, particularly at night when we journey into other realms.  Hopefully this will help to return some of our “sanity”!  Sometimes when we’re inundated with masses of vibes outside of ourselves, it’s very difficult to remain focused and creative in our own lives.  Hope you enjoy this process…. I would be interested in any feedback.

With love…. Belinda

Free Space Clearing process MP3

The following audio file is an interactive meditation and healing process to clear your home space and create boundaries of Light around your house or apartment.   If you share a house with others, you could use it in your bedroom to create your own personal sanctuary.  Within this journey we also help move on any earthbound energies or astral entities which may cause tension, irritation and disharmony in your home.  This is a wonderful tool for creating balance and peace in your own home space.  It can be used as an initial clearing and repeated whenever you feel necessary or a few times a year just to uplift the energy.  If you do it with focus and intention, it will work well for you.