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The Butterfly Emerges

Hello beautiful friends. I’m incredibly excited to share my brand new website with you. So much love has been poured into this creation, over quite some time, and here it is! In gratitude and celebration for the deep inner soul searching and growth we’ve all been through, I’m offering a give-away of 1 x 90 minute Sacred Soul Guidance Session (see details below).

What is your soul calling you to share now?

It feels like the huge reconstruction and transformation of the past couple of years is lifting, and we are now free to emerge from our chrysalis to become a new light. Personally, I’ve certainly moved into a clearer, brighter, expanded new energy and my soul guided me to share more of my gifts with the world. I really do feel like a butterfly that’s flying free after a deep, creative, soul-expansive journey.

Are you ready to share the treasures of your heart with the world too?

This year is a perfect time to come out from hiding… to own your soul gifts, not from an ego perspective, but from a deep understanding that you have something incredible that someone else needs. Right now the consciousness asks us all to put aside our doubts and move from the perspective of “me” to awareness of “us”.

For anyone who feels unsure about stepping out and connecting with the world, please know that the world wants you to connect. There are beautiful souls waiting for your heart treasures. As we all share and connect in joy, radiant soul lines form new patterns of wholeness. Your soul mandala merges with others, and the union illuminates a new resonance. We really begin to feel the oneness of co-creation with Spirit and humanness.

Celebration Give-away: Free Sacred Soul Guidance 90 minute session

I am incredibly grateful to you all for being part of my journey. In celebration of my new online sacred space, I’m holding a draw to give away 1 x 90 minute Sacred Soul Guidance session (click here to read more about this session).

To enter the draw, all you need to do is sign up for my Sacred Soul Messages in the panel at the bottom of this page and leave a comment under this post. The draw will be done on Tuesday 20 January and the winner will be notified by email. Thank you so much for being here. I had a lot of help from my Spirit Team in creating the energy for this new site. I would love you to  look around, feel the love, and enjoy.

Much love and joy to you all




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  • Amanda

    Loving the website Belinda ❤️
    Will definately share and wish you all the best for 2015

    • Thank you so much Amanda. I’m sending much love back to you for an amazing 2015. <3

  • Karina

    Oh wow, what a beautiful website! The colours and the energy are so vibrant and filled with love. Congratulations on birthing this new creation and I wish you all the best as it reaches the souls who need the work you do. With so much love, Karina

    • Thank you so much Karina! Your feedback and love mean a lot to me. So much gratitude and love to you. xxx

  • Kellie Beverly

    Just love the look, feel and your sharing on this website. It’s just beautiful Belinda. Well done gorgeous! Kellie Beverly xxx

    • Thank you gorgeous Kellie! I’m so happy you enjoyed my new space. So much love to you. xxx

  • Rachel Fairlamb

    Thank you xx

  • Desislava Sarjantson

    Congratulations on your new website Belinda!Its beautiful,I had a look around and really felt the love and wonderful energy oozing from it!Many blessings and good luck!xx

    • Thanks so much for your beautiful feedback Desi! I’m so glad you feel the love… my Spirit Team and I put a lot of light and love into this. Much love to you. xxx

  • Pia Kjellin

    Wow! Your website is so full of beautiful love and light

    • Thank you so much Pia for your wonderful feedback! I’m so pleased you had such a good feeling from this space. Much love to you xx

  • Karen

    Lovely website <3

  • I love your page! I can feel the excitement and happiness you feel for it and it was getting me excited. I would love to be entered in your drawing :) Thank for you sharing and creating this beautiful space.

    • Thank Melissa, I really do feel excited, so I’m happy you could sense it. Beautiful comments, thank you again and I’m happy we’ve connected here. Much love xx

  • So excited for your new online home, Belinda. Can’t wait to experience more of you and your Spirit Team’s wisdom. And yes, I’m totally eyeing your amazing sessions and if I could WIN one, even better. :) <3

    • Oh Stephanie :-) Thank you so much lovely. Fingers crossed for a win. So much love to you. xxx

  • gailrehbein

    Congratulations on an inspirational new website Belinda. It’s wonderful to land on :-) Thank you!

    • Hello Gail! Wonderful to see you here and thanks for you lovely feedback. So happy you like my new online sacred space. Much love xxx

  • Maud Bohm

    I love your website and I feel your warm heart in every word <3

    • Thank you so much for your beautiful feedback lovely Maud! I’m so happy you feel my energy in the words. Much love to you xxx

  • Jenny

    Well done on an easy to navigate and pleasing to the eye website. I love the way you have made me think about what could be holding me back both personally and in business.

    • Thanks so much for your feedback Jenny. Happy it’s easy to navigate and that you have been inspired to open more. Wonderful! Much love xx

  • Malloryheart

    I truly hope this year is the one where my heart fully awakens. Love your new website

    • If you intend it to be, then it shall! Thank you, and magical blessings for the year to come. xxx

  • Love the website and the colours too . Great heart here ♥

    • Thank you for your beautiful feedback Suzie! I put a lot of love into this space, so I’m happy you feel the heart energy here. Much love xxx

  • Suzanne Preston

    What a beautiful website! I love the energy here and your logo and other graphics are gorgeous!! <3

    • Thank you so much Suzanne! I can feel your enthusiasm. Very happy you like the energy here. Much love xx

  • Glenda

    Your sessions look lovely. Will start saving :-) xx

    • Oh Glenda, it would be lovely to do a session with you. Happy you like the feeling of them. Love to you xx

  • marylunnen

    Beautiful website Belinda, thank you for inviting people to come in and sign up ( and the draw is a lovely extra thrill too )

    • Thank you so much for joining us here Mary. I’m happy you enjoy this space and look forward to connecting more. Much love xxx