Aligning with the Collective Earth Star


As we sit in the energy of the autumn/spring equinox, I’m reminded of a message that came through during the last solar eclipse about the Collective Earth Star. More than ever, we’re asked to move beyond our isolation and towards a connected, community approach to the world. Moving into the expanded view, the bigger picture, and embracing the collective (without taking on its energy), is so important. We want to be an individual key in the collective, and also make our individual contribution count towards a greater vision. So, how can we make a difference?

The Individual Earth Star

Our individual Earth Star is usually very under-utilised. We’re consciously aware of the chakra system within our body, but the Earth Star often gets over-looked. Tune into your Earth Star right now by focusing your energy about 8 inches under your feet. As you connect here, feel the expansion. You’ll have a sense of your feet grounding into a mandala of light that surrounds the Earth. Your purpose and connection with the collective will be more easily felt here. Beyond this light mandala, you’ll feel a bridging energy, in a myriad of colours. This is the Rainbow Bridge, connecting to the incoming 4-5th dimensional energies, and assisting in the transformation the 3rd dimensional polarity consciousness. More

Restoring your Radiance

Hello Earth Angels. I’m honoured and inspired to have been invited by my beautiful friend, Karina Ladet, to contribute to her blog tour, “Shine Your Light in 2015”. Karina is a very gifted channel, intuitive reader, and a simply gorgeous person. Her questions opened up so many thoughts on this topic.

How do you shine your light?

How do you inspire this in others? And how do you re-charge your inner light when it dims? Wonderful inspiration for exploration and discovery! So, closing my eyes and flowing deep within my centre, I searched for the source of my inner light. Was it my soul light? Was it beamed to me from a higher consciousness? I journeyed into the vast light streams of my being. The light and colour that danced and shaped patterns of beauty and love felt like they were birthed from a deeper source of illumination. Expanding more and moving deeper within me, I connected to the spark of divine radiance that is the point of creation within everything. Here’s what my Spirit Team shared about radiance…

This radiance is the power source that supports the light shining from the core of all creation. Just as the luminaries – the sun and moon – create light on our earth, our divine radiance powers our light.

If we want our inner light to shine brightly, we need to nurture and restore the radiance in the core of our being, and let the flame of divine presence illuminate our world. More

Celebration Give-away


The Butterfly Emerges

Hello beautiful friends. I’m incredibly excited to share my brand new website with you. So much love has been poured into this creation, over quite some time, and here it is! In gratitude and celebration for the deep inner soul searching and growth we’ve all been through, I’m offering a give-away of 1 x 90 minute Sacred Soul Guidance Session (see details below). More

From Shadow to Light

Effects of the recent Solar Eclipse

The immense energies of the solar eclipse in Scorpio have brought up the collective consciousness shadow big time.  Every one as individuals is looking at their own shadow to overcome and evolve, which is part of the lesson of the opposing lunar eclipse energy.

The solar eclipse brings up the shadow of moving into your true purpose and contribution to society as a whole.  It brings up the issue of shining your own personal Light and standing in YOUR Light – not someone else’s or even society’s idea of what the light means.

Everything that blocks you from completely, totally and openly standing in your Light will come up for review.  It will turn everything upside down and even give you very physical and personal “kicks up the bum”.  Your shadow is asking you to please take a very good look at where you invest your energy…. Which aspect of your whole pattern do you give control to? More

Creating Sacred Space

Recently I’ve noticed an influx of people talking about seeing and experiencing astral spirits who are stuck.  A lot of people have been seeing them even more clearly and hearing them too! Some have just been seeing things out of the corners of their eyes more often and sensing other presences around their homes.

After tuning in, I was shown that the veils between dimensions are becoming very thin.  As a result these entities have become clearer to see and experience.  They exist in the lower astral plane and as the incoming fifth dimensional energies are touching us more strongly,  we can see that which is in between worlds as more of a “reality”. More

Cutting Ties


What happens when you feel you have completed your current journey with another person, and need to move on from that vibration?

It’s time to gently cut ties and  also to look at the Resonance Fields that have been created between you.


Releasing Old Resonance Fields

A Resonance Field is an energy body created by  a meeting of mutually attracted vibrations.  So Resonance occurs when vibrations react to a stimulus which is in Divine Order for them in that MOMENT.  This reaction, which is felt on the other side as well, then creates a Resonance Field.  It captures the essence of the Resonance beamed out from all parties, creating a common tie to each other.  As we have discussed before, this tie can be positive or seemingly negative.  It is there for learning and resolution.