Aligning with the Collective Earth Star


As we sit in the energy of the autumn/spring equinox, I’m reminded of a message that came through during the last solar eclipse about the Collective Earth Star. More than ever, we’re asked to move beyond our isolation and towards a connected, community approach to the world. Moving into the expanded view, the bigger picture, and embracing the collective (without taking on its energy), is so important. We want to be an individual key in the collective, and also make our individual contribution count towards a greater vision. So, how can we make a difference?

The Individual Earth Star

Our individual Earth Star is usually very under-utilised. We’re consciously aware of the chakra system within our body, but the Earth Star often gets over-looked. Tune into your Earth Star right now by focusing your energy about 8 inches under your feet. As you connect here, feel the expansion. You’ll have a sense of your feet grounding into a mandala of light that surrounds the Earth. Your purpose and connection with the collective will be more easily felt here. Beyond this light mandala, you’ll feel a bridging energy, in a myriad of colours. This is the Rainbow Bridge, connecting to the incoming 4-5th dimensional energies, and assisting in the transformation the 3rd dimensional polarity consciousness. More