About Me

“I’ll help you align with the truth of your soul; the light that inspires you to dream, believe, expand, and manifest a life that is authentic and loving.”

Hello beautiful soul, I’m Belinda!

I’m a Sacred Soul Alchemist, Healer, Writer, Channel & Mentor. I’m also a lover of sacred sites and the occasional rainbow chaser. But most of all, I’m an instrument of the Divine who helps you play the song of your heart and live in the rhythm of your own truth.

Perhaps you’re looking for:

  • Ways to shine your incredible light brighter, further, and stronger.
  • Deeper connection to soul and spirit, to help guide you in life direction, work and love.
  • Inspiration to dream, believe, expand, and manifest a life that is authentic and loving.
  • Your perfect place of belonging in life.

I’m here to help you find that special, unique expression of your light to share with the world.

How could I possibly know how to unlock your radiance?

My gift is… to help you open to a vast world of knowledge, truth, magic, creativity, love, and joy.

From an early age, I was blessed with the gift of vision, clairsentience, and a connection to Spirit that spans dimensions. This gift helped me peel back the hidden layers of my soul, and discover the truth maps of my essence, to help me navigate every day life with a bigger picture view.

Most of my life I’ve listened to and trusted the inner voice that  guided me to step out of the ordinary and take risks needed to align with my soul’s purpose. As I immersed myself in all things sacred and magical, my Spirit Team helped me open my own incredible gifts and encouraged me to share them with the world.

My work has involved many exciting and different roles. Starting in a small marketing company, working on a travel magazine, I then moved into the glitzy and glamorous world of advertising. I took a leap of faith and left my corporate job to run my own creative agency, before my passion for healing and channelling became my full time work. Stepping out of the corporate world and into Spirit work full time was a huge challenge! But it was also liberating, inspiring and creative.

I’ve experienced first hand what it feels like to follow my heart, align with my soul magic, trust my intuition and live in my truth. Doing so has helped me manifest amazing things with incredible ease. Things like the perfect job, free overseas trips, new cars, my beautiful home, my soul mate and our lovely daughter.

All of these things simply flowed in when I aligned with my soul magic, and surrendered my need to control.

I’ve been privileged to learn from amazing masters and mentors, who taught me to channel all that I need from the wholeness of Divine Order. Along the way I’ve run into many challenges and hurdles, but following the voice of my soul kept me on the path of the heart. My everyday practice is focused on the inner work I need to stay aligned with my soul light.

Pure, unconditional love is the foundation of all my work. Like a powerful, loving crystal, I reflect what you need to learn from your past and magnify the creative path of your future to meet you, here and now. As a Sacred Soul Alchemist, I use a blend of sacred alchemy, soul wisdom and heart light to create a magical resonance that helps you transform and shift the kaleidoscope of your world.

I’m also quite proud to say that…

Over the past 20 years as a teacher, healer and speaker I’ve been on the international stage with many luminaries and helped thousands of people to:

  • Connect deeply with their own soul truth and expanded divine consciousness to find their purpose and passion in life.
  • Trust their inner voice and use sacred soul alignment to manifest their dreams, with more ease and less struggle.
  • Thrive as creative entrepreneurs in their own soul-inspired and heart-centred businesses.
  • Become guiding lights in the healing arts, lovingly helping others on their spiritual path through their own healing-based businesses.
  • Heal their hearts and attract more loving, empowering, and mutually supportive relationships.
  • Love and be comfortable with all aspects of themselves, from the inside out and beyond.

Are you ready to truly claim your inner radiance?

It’s time to accept your power to create, and step up to the role you designed, before you came to this world. If this is where you are on your journey, then my gifts can support you to truly shine your unique truth to the world.

Let’s connect with each other, to start the process. Enter your details below to receive my Sacred Soul Messages, filled with inspired wisdom and guidance on living an authentic, purposeful life.

With love and blessings,





My life is a kaleidoscope of magical moments, and I love to

  • Travel to sacred sites and immerse myself in the culture, wisdom and power infused in these amazing places.
  • Camp and connect with the vastness of nature: campfire stories, cooking outdoors, and communion with devas.
  • Play with crystals and feel the sacredness and magic within them.
  • Sip tea and share stories.
  • Get lost in the adventure of a book.
  • Paint, craft and explore anything artistic.
  • Play with spices: blending and creating a perfect balance with spice is like alchemy to me.
  • Nourish my spirit, with soothing music.


A few other things about my world…

  • Sri Lanka, that tiny island at the base of India, is my country of birth. I came to Australia when I was only two years old. My childhood was a wonderful mix of spicy curries, Sri Lankan musical celebrations, and Aussie life.
  • Being the youngest of seven children, I learned early on to speak up for myself and forge my own path. This gift has often been a saving grace in my life’s journey.
  • I’m obsessed and in love with all things “Bollywood”. I love the colour, the flair, the music, the rhythm and the expression. I have a deep connection to Eastern Mysticism as an expression of Spirit through devotion and service. This earths me and lifts me simultaneously.
  • Although I grew up in Sydney, and travelled far and wide, I followed my dreams and now live in the gorgeous town of Noosa, in Queensland, Australia with my soulmate husband and beautiful daughter.