20 Things You Didn’t Know About Me!


Just for fun, I thought I’d fill you in on some of the more personal things in my life, so you can get to know me a little better.  I was inspired to share this post by an amazing collection of women that I connect with in a mastermind group, and I’m so glad I did.  Hope you enjoy this.

Wedding collage 3


1.  As a child I used to see Cat Ghosts.  Yes, that’s right.  I would see them everywhere.   I remember exclaiming as one flew through a portal and into my sight “Did you see that cat?  It just walked through the wall.”  My friend replied “No!  There’s no cat here. And cats don’t walk through walls.”  My response?  ”Well this one just did.”.  I learned very young to just Be Me.

2.  I am highly allergic to cats.  (I’m having a huge giggle right now.)  And strangely, so are many members of my family, especially those who are rather psychic.

3.  Actually,  I saw more than cat ghosts from an early age.  I really was like the boy from the movie “The Sixth Sense”.  It took me a long time to understand that all these spirits were looking for help!  Luckily I also saw Angels, Masters and Guides who eventually taught me how to work with them.

4.  When I was two years old,  my family packed up and left our home in Colombo, Sri Lanka to move to Sydney, Australia.

5.   I am the youngest of seven children, with a very large extended family.  I think at last count, I have about 58 nephews and nieces, including great nephews and nieces.

6.  My heritage is quite an exotic blend!  Sinhalese is predominantly the native culture of  Sri Lanka… On my Mother’s side, I’m Dutch/Portuguese/Sinhalese. On my Father’s side, I’m British/Irish/Sinhalese.  A marriage of East and West.

7.   I am in Love with Spices.  They transport me to a magical world and I always feel like an Alchemist when creating a spice blend for a curry.  Each spice has a unique property and I can hear them singing to me.  Have you ever read “Mistress of Spices”?  My favourite fiction book…. it  opens up a whole new world of spice magic

8.  Cooking is part of my daily meditation…   It’s usually the evening meal which I use as a time for chanting and connecting with the Life within the food.  Mostly I do it inwardly, as there’s usually so much happening around that time of day.  There’s so much joy in putting Love into what we eat!  As you may guess, I love to cook spicy dishes.

9.   Other things that bring me inner bliss are:   Music, Dance, Art, Books, Movies, Deep Meditation, Crystals, Wilderness Camping and The Ocean.

10.  I believe in Dreams…. not just the magic of following your dreams, but the amazing messages contained within dreams while we sleep.  They have always been my guide, and I receive a lot of messages in my dreams.

11.  My Mother met my Father in a dream.  She was 17 and entering University.  The day before she was to enrol, she dreamt of my Father.  He wore all white, and carried a Pith Helmet (remember she lived in Sri Lanka and this was the fashion) with Red lining, whilst the norm was green lining.  Well, lo and behold!  The next day there was a mix up at the office and she had to wait with the male contingent of the intake to enrol.  There are no mistakes… she saw my Father, holding his red-lined pith helmet, duly dressed in white.  And that, my friends, is of course history.

12.  So you won’t be surprised to know that a dream whispered to me and showed me clearly who was to be my husband!  I was working in Alaska at the time, and staying with friends.  We had all drawn a Crystal Card and mine was Rose Quartz.  The card was about true love partners.  I asked for a dream to show me mine.  It happened to be someone I already knew!  I’m very lucky to have found someone who shares my dreams and now we walk the path of Spirit together.

13.  I have always known what I have to do:  from my Essence, my Blueprint.  When the inspirations come to me, they are hardly convenient!!   But then most decisions to grow involve some discomfort in the beginning.  I have followed that inner voice and found that if I struggle against it, my World will shut everything else down until I take that step forward.  Lesson:  Go Where The Door Is Open.

14.  I’ve been blessed to work in exciting and different roles.  I started in a small marketing company, working on a travel magazine, then moved into the glitzy and glamorous world of Advertising, finally running my own agency for photographers and artists before my hobby became my work.  My hobby was, of course, healing and channelling.  Stepping out of the corporate world and into Spirit work full time was a huge challenge, but it was also hugely creative!  I think I swore at my “inner voice”  a few times in that period.

15.  I am obsessed and in love with all things “Bollywood”.  I love the colour, the flair, the music, the rhythm, the expression.  I have a deep connection to Eastern Mysticism as an expression of  Spirit through devotion and service.  This earths me and lifts me simultaneously.  My beautiful 10 year old daughter has quite a flair for bhangra dance and a heavenly voice to match.

16.  I’m really afraid of heights.  But every time I travel I seem to trek up some huge mountain, full of terror,  to then feel elated at the top.  Then I descend and wonder why I put myself through this??

17.  I love to live in places which have perspective.  Either a view or backing onto a forest.  It makes me feel expansive and gives my Soul space to breathe.

18.  I absolutely love to travel to Sacred Sites.  The vast knowledge and wisdom that is stored in these places always humbles me.  It brings me Home.

19.  As a young child, I used to stare at the Stars for ages.  I felt they were communicating with me and that I had many friends there.   I knew that the universe was full of Life, but just a different sort.

20.  I always want to live in alignment with My Purpose.  If that meant dropping all that I was doing in the world now and changing paths, I would do so without hesitation.


Well, that’s my 20 little snippets of my life.  I would love you to share a little more about you.
With love,